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You are getting married and not sure where to start? Let me help you with the process!  All you need is your birth certificate or passport and we can start the legal paperwork. I will guide you all the way and have many resources to help you. Give me a call to organize an obligation free meeting to see if I am the right fit for you!

My passion is to provide a warm personal ceremony that you and your family and friends will enjoy.

Wedding Ceremony premium with the extra personal touch:  Legal, personalised, tailored ceremony written to your needs conducted at a place of your choice

Registry style weddings                                                                                     

For small local ceremonies my fee is negotiable.

What does this Wedding Ceremony premium include?

  • The initial interview (usually an hour or longer)
  • Additional interviews for approvals and finalisation of ceremony script
  • Unlimited research at my discretion in preparation of your ceremony;
  • Scripting of the ceremony with as many drafts as needed for the final script;
  • optional wedding rehearsal (highly recommended);
  • Provision of a portable PA;
  • Unlimited email and phone communication from the clients to the celebrant;
  • The conducting/solemnisation of the marriage ceremony at any venue of your choice;
  • The provision of the three marriage certificates required (including the copy kept by the couple);
  • Form printing/completion, lodging of the official certificate of marriage and all required documents relating to the marriage;
  • Travel costs in connection with solemnisation ceremony- if the distance of a return journey between my home and the place of marriage does not exceed 60klms.
  • personalised copy of marriage ceremony





Anna Richards, Northcote

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